Silk Road and Qinghai Lake: A best tour in 2024

Silk Road and Qinghai Lake
Silk Road and Qinghai Lake

The Silk Road and Qinghai Lake are famous tourist attractions that allow tourists to explore China’s past and admire its natural wonders. Yellow Bird Tour provides unique travel experiences that let you discover these interesting areas while offering comfort and luxury. Let the world’s most famous trade route and one of the greatest natural wonders of the world amaze you.

1. Silk Road Adventure Collection

Don’t miss the chance to travel to the Silk Road with the help of our Silk Road Adventure Collection. This collection of tours will lead you through the path of the ancient Silk Road,  where you can explore cities and monuments, enjoy the UNESCO heritage, and embrace colorful cultures. Every tour is unique and full of excitement—from the markets of Xi’an to the desert of Dunhuang, every tour will leave you with unforgettable memories.Silk Road and Qinghai Lake

2. Qinghai Lake Exploration Collection

Explore the beauty of Qinghai Lake with our special collection, the Qinghai Lake Exploration Collection. This is located in Qinghai Province and is the largest saltwater lake in China. The place has a very serene environment, and the surrounding area is majestically stunning with mountains. Our tour selection lets you enjoy the lake’s beautiful coastline, meet the local Tibetans, and get a glimpse of the fauna.

3. Silk Road and Qinghai Lake Tour

Experience the best of our Silk Road and Qinghai Lake Tour, and get ready for the trip of your life. From walking along the legendary Silk Road to gazing at the breathtaking scenery of Qinghai Lake, this all-encompassing itinerary will let you travel through the ages. Prominent tourist attractions explored in the tour include Xi’an’s Terracotta Army, Dunhuang’s Mogao Caves, and Qinghai Province’s picturesque terrain.

Silk Road and Qinghai Lake

4. Terracotta Warriors Excursion

Every traveler who comes to the Silk Road and Qinghai Lake Tour should take the time to visit the fascinating Terracotta Soldiers in Xi’an. Visit this one-of-a-kind attraction on our guided tour and witness the thousands of life-sized clay soldiers, horses, and chariots entombed with China’s first emperor over 2000 years ago and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our professional tour leaders will ensure that you are informed about the history of this site and its importance.

5. Dunhuang Desert Safari

Get ready to have the most amazing experience with Dunhuang Desert Safari. Experience the stunning beauty of the desert of Dunhuang as you ride through the dunes and rough terrain of the region in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle. During the tour, you will be able to explore the fortresses of the ancient Silk Road, marvel at the beauty of the desert landscapes with oases, and enjoy the unforgettable evening views of the Gobi Desert.

Silk Road and Qinghai Lake

6. Tibetan Cultural Immersion

Experience the oriental charm of Tibet on our specially designed tour, Tibetan Cultural Immersion. Explore the great and colorful Tibetan Plateau of Qinghai Province and learn about the traditions and lifestyles of local Tibetans in several isolated villages. From drinking traditional Yak butter tea to participating in a colorful Buddhist dance, this unique experience will give tourists insights into this unique culture.

Silk Road and Qinghai Lake

7. Birdwatching Expedition

Discover the diverse birdlife of Qinghai Lake with our Birdwatching Expedition. There are more than two hundred bird species in Qinghai Lake, including some special and endangered varieties, such as the bar-headed goose and black-necked crane. Our guides will take you on bird-watching trips around the lake and its coasts, where you can see different species of birds in their natural environment.

8. Culinary Delights of the Silk Road

Tantalize your taste buds with the flavors of the Orient. Taste a wide selection of exotic and delicious foods from different regions as you travel through the historic Silk Road routes. From the spicy lamb kebabs to the slurpable hand-pulled noodles, mouthwatering spices, and various types of fruits, each meal is an introduction to the diverse gastronomic traditions of the northwestern provinces of China.

9. Camel Trekking Adventure

Take a tour of our Camel Trekking Adventure and explore the magical touch of the Silk Road. Immerse yourself in a camel caravan experience that takes you through the beautiful desert terrain of Dunhuang, just like the traders of olden days. Our expert guides will take you through the fascinating exploration of the Silk Road, caravanserais, marvelous dunes, and even the secluded desert oases.

10. Sunset Cruise on Qinghai Lake

End your journey with a breathtaking Sunset Cruise on Qinghai Lake. Take a boat cruise and enjoy the beautiful scenery while you watch the sun setting over the clear waters of Qinghai Lake. This is the last day you will not want to miss as you take the final step towards the end of your Silk Road journey: breathtaking mountain views.

Price and Departure Dates Silk Road and Qinghai Lake Tour

  • 7200 RMB (June 26 Departure)
  • 7600 RMB (July 5 Departure)

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