7-Day Inner Mongolia Tour: Key Highlights

Inner Mongolia
Inner Mongolia

Travel for 7 days on an interesting route through the beautiful Inner Mongolia landscapes from the busy, loud Hailar town to the calm banks of Hulun Lake. Yellow Bird Tours arranged this carefully elaborated tour to let you dip into this area’s cultural heritage and enjoy its breathtaking natural beauty. Explore the Aoluguya Reindeer Tribe, hike through the wild Daxinganling forests, and sleep in traditional Mongolian yurts. This is what you will get on this unforgettable journey.Inner Mongolia

1. Go on with your journey in Hailar.

Start your journey in Hailar, a gateway to the eastern grasslands of Inner Mongolia. This lively city is the ideal place to begin your adventure. Hailar offers a brief historical overview of the area at the Hailar District Museum, where it can be learned that Inner Mongolia is a region defined by various cultures and natural environments. 

Inner Mongolia

Hailar: Blend of History and Tradition 

It is important to remember that Hailar is not only a historical center but also a blend of Mongolian and Russian influences, which are visible in its architecture and local food. To start a week of sightseeing and adventure, take a guided walk around the town’s most significant places and savor a welcome dinner with local specialties. 

2. The Experience of the Aoluguya Reindeer People

Head north to the Aoluguya Reindeer Tribe, China’s last traditional reindeer herding group. This close encounter will give you a unique opportunity to penetrate the tribe’s everyday life and customs to understand its centuries-old traditions and close relation to nature. 

Culture of Living for Aoluguya族 

Take part in Inner Mongolia daily activities with the tribe’s members, learn about their arts and crafts, and listen to their tales. This is an example of the value of keeping such a unique cultural heritage, and it allows you to participate in some of the tribe’s sustainable tourist projects. 

3. Exploring Daxinganling Forests

The journey is a walk through the great Daxinganling Forests, part of the major mountain concentration in the country’s Northeast. These forests are attractive and diverse, with many unique flora and fauna species. 

Immersive Nature Experience 

With the help of a local naturalist, you’ll take part in a series of hikes of varying levels of fitness that allow everyone to appreciate the beauty of Daxinganling. Those forests provide a soothing oasis away from the outside world, whether you stroll along easy tracks or test yourself on tough trails. 

4. Live in the Mongolian Yurt at Hulun Lake.

In Inner Mongolia, you will also enjoy real Mongolian hospitality by sleeping in a yurt every night on the side of Hulun Lake. Felt and skin circular tents provide a warm and cozy overnight experience that exposes you to the nomadic way of life of the Mongolians. 

Inner Mongolia

Yurt Living: The Meeting of Comfort and Tradition 

Each yurt has traditional beds and modern conveniences for comfort under the stars. Spend evenings under the stars, listening to stories and watching traditional music performances that will deepen your knowledge of Mongolian culture. 

5. Hulun Lake: Nature’s Refuge

In China, Hulun Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes, which presents incredible landscapes as well as an opportunity to observe migratory birds and other animals. Go on a photo safari around the lake, either by kayak or foot, for an entire day, as the area is full of picturesque vistas and calm waters. 

Hulun Lake: Wildlife and Birding. 

The lake is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers. Rare species, such as the white-naped crane and the whooper swan, might be seen during your visit. Guided birdwatching tours are offered to further enhance your enjoyment. 

6. Mongolian Cuisine and Cultural Evenings

Taste the flavors of Inner Mongolia with meals that reflect the region’s culinary heritage. The nomadic lifestyle is tasted in every meal, ranging from generous stews and barbequed meats to just-made dairy products. 

Cultural Performances and Crafts 

Evening events include cultural performances, throat singing, horsehead fiddle music, and dances. Attend seminars to produce Mongolian crafts that will give you a keepsake of your way. 

7. Reflection and Return

During the farewell gathering at Hailar, consider the week’s experiences as the tour ends. Tell tales, swap pictures, and determine the effect of your journey with other travelers and guides. 

Departure and Continuing Support 

Yellow Bird Tours also provides a hassle-free return to the departure point and helps with other travel arrangements in China. We strive to make you remember the region and realize how much Inner Mongolia offers in terms of nature and culture. 

Opt for your Inner Mongolia Trip Today! 

Are you prepared to explore Inner Mongolia’s enormous territories and learn about its special culture? Visit Yellow Bird Tours to reserve a space in this exclusive 7-day journey. With knowledgeable guides, organized itineraries, and a dedication to responsible travel, we guarantee an excursion that thrills, teaches, and motivates. 

Live in Inner Mongolia with Yellow Bird Tours, where every adventure will be an unforgettable revelation, education, or cultural and environmental respect. Join us and have a unique travel experience next time you are on a trip! 

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