Xiamen Tulou & Gulangyu Island Tour

Gulangyu Island
Gulangyu Island

Experience the Beauty of Xiamen Tulou

Xiamen Tulou and Gulangyu Island are situated in Fujian Province, China, and they are a perfect example of the Hakka people’s creativity and traditions. These fascinating round and square-haped constructions have been a feature of the scenery for many years. Tulou structures were initially constructed for residential purposes and fortification, and are characteristic for their uniqueness in design and function.

Introduction to Tulou Construction

Made of compacted earth, stone, bamboo and wood, the Tulou structures are built to withstand earthquakes and offer protection from intruders. The walls can be several feet thick, which gives the structures a rather fortified look. On the interior, the structures are designed to hold several families, where the first floor is usually used as a kitchen, the second floor as a storage area, and the upper floors as the residential area.

Fujian Tulou was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 due to its cultural significance and splendid construction. The region’s historical artifacts’ harmonious combination of utility and aesthetics fascinates visitors.

The Enchanting Gulangyu Island

Located just a short ferry ride from Xiamen is Gulangyu Island, an island of peace and history. Gulangyu Island is also known as the “Garden on the Sea” and boasts beautiful gardens, turn-of-the-century buildings, and cultural activities. The lack of cars and the narrow streets make it a perfect getaway from the crowds of the city.

Gulangyu Island

A Stroll Through History

The architecture of Gulangyu Island is an eclectic mix of styles, which is a testament to its rich cultural history. The island has examples of architecture ranging from Chinese temples to Victorian mansions, which will surely please any admirer of architecture. Some of the most famous ones are the Sea Garden Paradise, which has both eastern and western architecture, and the Shuzhuang Garden, which was once a private villa and is now a park.

A truly peculiar sight is the local piano museum, which houses hundreds of pianos from different countries. This museum not only displays the development of piano but also presents performances from time to time, which gives the island a musical touch.

Sea Garden Paradise, which is the largest villa group on the island, is a combination of Chinese and Western architecture. Go to Shuzhuang Garden, which was formerly a wealthy Taiwanese businessman’s garden constructed right next to the ocean. There is also a piano museum in the park; hundreds of pianos from all over the world are collected here. Enjoy yourself while listening to a wonderful piano performance.

Cultural and Natural Splendors

However, there is more to see in Xiamen Tulou and Gulangyu Island than the architectural features. They are also places where the natural environment and the culture of the people can be seen in harmony. The landscapes around Xiamen Tulou are filled with tea gardens and terraced fields that give the earthen houses a beautiful setting. At the same time, Gulangyu’s coastline, with its sandy beaches and rocky coast, is perfect for observing the sea and enjoying the silence.

Experiencing Local Life

Tourists at Xiamen Tulou can experience the lifestyle of the Hakka people and their culture, food and arts and crafts. The Tulou communities are very hospitable and may invite their guests to join in their festivals and other cultural practices.

In Gulangyu Island, culture is alive with many art galleries, music performances, and markets. When it comes to food, the island is equally rich in choice, with seafood dishes and traditional Fujianese cuisine available to sample.

An Invitation to Explore

Regardless of whether you are interested in the architectural wonders of Xiamen Tulou or the peacefulness of Gulangyu Island, both are worth visiting. This province of Fujian is rich in history, culture, and natural attractions, giving visitors a taste of the past and an opportunity to explore the heart of Fujian.

Book your trip to Xiamen Tulou and Gulangyu Island with Yellow Bird Tour and get ready for the trip of your lifetime. Discover the history, natural beauty, and people of these wonderful destinations.

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