How does a breakfast look like in our selected hotels? How dangerous are Chinese roads? What is a common tip to give in restaurants? You find the answers to lots of questions below. If you have another questions, please contact us.

Visa related questions

Check with Chinese embassies in your own country for the update China visa policy.

China has one offical time zone, UTC+8, which is also known as Beijing time.

Money related questions

Cash as in Chinese Yuan is accepted, you can pay by credit card in some hotels or stores of big cities in China. 

Besides the tour fee, you will need to consider for the meals and tips for guide and driver.

Hotels related questions

We arrange mostly local 4-star hotel for the trip, they all have private western toilet. Only in some remote areas, when tents and guesthouses are organized, there are public squat toilets.

The voltage in China is 220V, and most hotels have five hole sockets with two flat parallel pins(type A), and three flat pins(type I).

Some hotels provide laundry service with extra, please contact with us for it.

Food related questions

In main cities of China, it’s not a problem to find vegetarian food. In remote areas, we suggest you to bring some of your emergency food.

Most hotels we arrange for our customers provide simple western style food.

Traffic related questions

Yes, we help to book your air or train tickets with a certain amount of service fee. Train tickets to Lhasa can only start to be booked one month before the departure.

It depends on the group size. We always consider your seating for comfort and safety, as well as to leave enough place for your luggage.

Booking related questions

We need copy of your passport(more if you are traveling to Tibet) for the confirmation. 50% of the tour cost and full amount of air or train tickets fee(if you need) is collected as deposit, the balance is paid one week before your trip.

If the trip is cancelled by coronavirus and related, we shall refund all.

If the trip is cancelled by your own reason.

1)30 days prior to scheduled departure date: 0% of the full payment per person will be charged

2)15 days prior to scheduled departure date: 50% of the deposit per person will be charged

3)14 to 0 days prior to scheduled departure date: 100% of the full payment per person will be charge

Other questions

We are small group tours. The group is normally from 2 to 13 people, most of the time we have 3-6 in a group.

Yes, travel incident insurance is included. It’s compulsory for all tour agencies. It’s for travel incident and death caused during the trip. We also suggest you to get your personal travellers insurance.

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